1 - A50A3961_copyThe Department of Electrical & Electronics Engineering was established in the year 2002 and was given the fifth rank status by Anna University during their inspection in the year 2009. Department of EEE is dedicated to meet the current needs in the industrial field with the flexibility to tune its programmes according to its different requirements. Application of new technology in various fields is the main focus in all the activities of the department. Electrical Engineers design and implement a wide range of systems such as power generation, transmission and distribution, telecommunication networks, electrical machines and modern industrial control systems. The course has been designed with the aim of providing an in-depth knowledge and a significant design experience across the key areas of Electrical Engineering to meet with the social needs that evolve instantly in today’s modern world.



To be a centre for imparting technical education of international standards and to conduct research on the cutting edge of technology to meet the current and future challenges of technological development.



To impart technical education through effective teaching and learning process. To create technical manpower for meeting the current and future demands of industry. To Nurture Creativity & Critical thinking in applying Engineering skills to face the fast growing globalization.



The Department Library is fully equipped with Electrical and Electronics Engineering related books of the latest edition. The library also has a section devoted entirely to the National and International journals and other popular technical magazines. The department maintains several question banks comprising of the previous university question papers and the important objective questions. The library also has various books on the different competitive exams to benefit the students.



P.B. College of Engineering is renowned for its education policy and student development programs. Faculty members of E.E.E Department are well qualified and experienced as per the criteria of Anna University and AICTE. They are passionate and curious individuals who continue their own research while teaching. Faculty is ready to teach extra classes for the needy students as part of their duties.

In response to the realization that there is a growing gap between faculty members and undergraduate students, many faculty members extend their interaction with students outside the academic realm for the students’ benefit.


Vision of the Renewable Energy Club:

To create awareness about green and Renewable Energy Sources amongst students and staffs, the Energy club inculcates the habit of energy conservation and storage for future use.


About Renewable Energy Club:

The Energy Club was started in the year 2008 with the help of TEDA (Tamilnadu Energy Development Agency). In the year 2009, the renewable energy club has organised awareness programmes in and around the college. The students and faculty members distributed posters and pamphlets to the villagers to create an awareness about energy saving. Also the major development in the club is the installation of an automatic Solar Street Light in the Campus. It has been operating successfully for more than one year.



The Faculty members of EEE Department encourage the students to explore in this aspect which has triggered the idea of doing a project on solar motor bike which is energized by dual power, solar and petrol.