Manufacturing Technology Lab


Internships_homesliderManufacturing technology lab is the lab where machining of work pieces are carried out. The students are being trained in machining operations such as turning, milling, gearcutting, threadcutting, etc. Machined work piece are used as spindle shafts, nuts and bolts, screws, etc. in industries. The lab is equipped with machines like Lathe, milling machine, planing machine, grinding machine and shaping machine.


Thermal Engineering Lab


The principles of thermal engineering are used in power plants, automobiles, aircraft and space ship. The lab is equipped with internal combustion engine such as twin cylinder diesel engine with mechanical loading, single cylinder diesel engine with electrical loading, Multi cylinder petrol engine with mechanical loading, etc. The students are taught do the experiments such as Morse test, loadtest, Performance test and Heat balance test.In addition they are also trained in heat transfer devices such as emissivity apparatus, Pin-Fin apparatus, Stefen-Boltsman apparatus,Refrigeration and Air conditioning apparatus, etc.


Strength of Materials Lab


1 - A50A4154_copyThe durability of any material depends on its strength. In mechanical engineering, strength means “Ability to with stand braking load”. Rods and shafts made of materials such as Mild steel, Aluminum alloys, etc. are tested in this lab. The lab is equipped with machines such as Universal testing machine, Rockwell hardness tester, Brilnell hardness tester and Impact testing machine, spring testing and Torsion testing machine.


Fluid mechanics and Machinery Lab


Fluid mechanics and machinery lab is equipped with machines such as Francis turbine,Pelton wheel,Kaplan turbine,Venturimeter,Orifice meter,Pumps, etc. Fluid flow characteristics are taught using the above machines.


Dynamics Lab


The stability of a moving object depends on its dynamic equilibrium. In this lab, the students are trained in the analysis of forces in machines, Stability of governors, Energy storage in fly wheel, whirling of shafts, etc.




CAD - aAuto, civil WN9A8632_copyCAD/CAM software packages are used to design and manufacture of dynamic parts of Automobiles, Aircrafts and Space ships. CAD/CAM lab is equipped with modern machines such as CNC Lathe, CNC Milling Machines,etc. Advanced manufacturing techniquesare taught using these machines. In the CAD lab, modeling softwares such as CATIA, Pro-E, UNIGRAPHICS and simulation software’s are also installed.



Engineering Metrology and Measurements Lab


The Lab is equipped with measuring instruments like Auto collimator, Profile projector, Tool maker’s microscope, Digital Vernier Height gauge, Digital micrometer, Digital depth gauge, Digital vernier caliper, Bevel protractor, Gear tooth vernier, Sine bar, Force measuring instrument, Vibration measuring instrument, Mechanical comparator, Pneumatic comparator, Electrical comparator, Dial gauge, and Floating carriage micrometer. The automotive components such as cam shaft, crank shaft, connecting rod, and Round bars are measured by these instruments.


Mechatronics Lab


The name of “Mechatronics” is the combination of Mechanical and Electronics Engineering. In this lab, the mechanical devices are controlled by the Electronic devices. The lab is equipped with advanced instruments like Hydraulic circuit, Pneumatic circuit, Electro pneumatic circuit, PLC Circuit, Speed control circuit, Stepper motor control etc,.